So you've heard about Sue Sheff's meal kit delivery, but want to know if it’s right for you or just want to know more about the Sue Sheff philosophy? We've made a list of the top five ways Sue Sheff makes your week better.

1.    We want you to save time not just at the stove, but throughout your week. Sue Sheff helps you out by giving you two meal kit dinners that cook in 30 minutes or less, but also by making sure you don't have to track down recipes, make lists of what to buy, or go to the story itself. You get to focus on everything else important in your life right up to when you open the box and start dinner.

2.    Eating seasonal is fun, tastes better, and is more sustainable for the environment. Your Sue Sheff dinner in a box contains fruits and vegetables that are currently ripe and available for each week's recipes. You will be eating better tasting produce, and supporting local farmers with more environmentally friendly practices.

3.    Here at Sue Sheff we want to support local business, and not just because we are one. We believe local business help create a strong community in San Antonio and a better economy overall. Each week we're down at the local farmers market so you can be with family or just enjoy sleeping in.

4.    We've all been encouraged to try meatless Mondays, for both health and environmental reasons, but we don't all know where to start. Sue Sheff offers a meatless choice you can add to your dinner kit prefect for trying out this nation wide challenge, or when hosting vegetarian friends for dinner.

5.    If you're like us, you've been stuck in a rut sometimes and want something new. Maybe you've had your favorite recipe one too many times, or just can't break the habit of fast food. Sue Sheff offers new recipes each week so you can break old habits and find new foods to love. Check out our menu page to see photos and write ups to help you get excited about cooking dinner.

If any of the reasons above appeal to you, we hope you try Sue Sheff out for yourself. Here we believe every family is different, but ultimately we all want more time, less stress, and great food every day of the week.

What reasons do you have for trying Sue Sheff? Leave a comment for us below, we'd love to hear from you.