We like sugar. We’re pretty sure you like sugar too. Unfortunately, we all learn at an early age that sugar isn’t good for us. Not only that, but new studies are currently being done which hint that sugar may be worse than we thought. Even knowing that, we know sugar isn't going away, but here at Sue Sheff we think we have some information to help you make healthier choices.

How Sugar Works

First, all types of sugar, fructose or sucrose, are absorbed by the body very quickly, increasing your blood sugar and giving you lots of energy. You don't even need to finish your frappuccino before you've done your taxes for the year and cleaned the whole house, right? However, if that blood sugar isn't used it goes to the liver where it gets processed into fat triglyceride and is delivered to your tissue for storage (and we all know how that turns out).

How Fiber Makes Sugar Better

Fiber is this amazing thing we don't think about much, but we bet you will now. When adequate natural fiber exists, it slows down the sugar. So instead of getting that big punch of energy, which you probably didn't use, and makes your liver produce more fat cells, fiber slows down the sugar absorption and your blood sugar rises gradually over a longer period of time. This slower rise means your cells will use that energy provided, meaning it doesn't get turned into fat.

The Sugar to Fiber Ratio

So, you want to know how much fiber you need to cancel out that ½ pint of Blue Bell, right? This is a situation where nature has it down. The more sugar is in something, the more fiber naturally occurs. This is why you can comfortably bite into an apple, and why sugar cane is....well, a stick. Foods in their natural state, and doctors, tell us we should look to have a ratio of sugar to fiber of about 1:1. Can it still be tasty? You Bet! For example, meals like Sue Sheff's Garlic Shrimp with Summer Squash and Chile de Arbol has a ratio of two grams of sugar to three grams of fiber and our Summer Chill Chili has a ration of better than two to one - fiber to sugar.

How Sue Helps

Sue Sheff wants to help in two ways with weekly dinners in a box.

Summer Chill Chili

Summer Chill Chili

·      We work with Por Vida to reduce added sugars in many of our meals. You can look each week and see clearly labeled which meals meet Por Vida guidelines on added sugars. Don't worry, we don't sacrifice flavor.

·      We send you whole grains, fruits and vegetables each week to help boost your fiber to so you can reach that 20-35 grams of fiber each day recommended by doctors.

Sugar is tasty, and sugar isn't our enemy. We just need to make sure we always invite sugar's best friend, fiber, to the party too for a long, healthy lifestyle.