We have often been asked “Why the name, Sue Sheff?” One article, San Antonio’s Top Sheff suggested readers should, ”Get some assistance from a real-life sous chef, Sue Sheff, with healthy meal kit deliveries…”           ( https://goo.gl/hSb1sh ) And then the article in the Express News (https://goo.gl/GcPvXz), which said, “Sue Sheff (get it? sous chef?) which serves heartier but still healthy fare”. From our beginning, there were several reasons for the name – not just the play on words, but the function and the comfort of the name.

Sue is a name from a previous generation. It is a name that comes from an era of home cooking, a time when people gathered together in a kitchen to chat and share about their day. Sue was also a part of a generation when mothers shared cooking with their children – offering tips about process, procedures and tastes.  While dining was an important time for sharing, it was cooking that really brought it all together. Today there exists a cooking-dining gap.

What Sue did for her family in generations past may be a bit nostalgic in the view of some, but for Sue Sheff it’s a part of life that needs to be revisited. For Sue, life wasn’t as busy as it seems for her children and grandchildren today. Time is an important consideration for most people who like the idea of cooking.  Most folks would like to cook more and eat out less. They would also like to experiment just a bit with what they cook. What they need is help managing their home cooking. Ultimately, most folks need a sous chef – that is someone to plan the menu, gather the ingredients and develop the plan for how to prepare the meal. So whenever the home cook orders from Sue Sheff, all that’s left is to Cook, Dine and Shine.