Starting a Business - “If it’s not one thing it’s another.”

Number 1  - Time

Betty always asks, “How long do you think it will take?” about a household project. She multiplies my answer by 2.5.  She usually isn’t too far off.  We only wish the multiplier 2.5 was the right number for starting a business. So many clichés come to mind – “If it’s not one thing it’s another.” “Six of one, half a dozen of another.” or the big one, “How much?!”

Number 2 – More Stuff

Just when we think we’ve filled out all the right forms and submitted them to the right people, we find out it is only the first of six steps needed to get the right permit. From the Secretary of State to the secretary at the property management company, there’s almost always somebody who needs something else; something that seems to have more to do with distracting us from getting the real stuff done than anything else.

Number 3 – People Are Mostly Good

From the guy who stopped in to ask about the business and then helped get a refrigerator through the door, to the members of our cohort at Break Fast and Launch, the folks of San Antonio have been very supportive and helpful. Even people who have little to gain from our success have gone out of their way to share their knowledge and expertise with us.

We are enjoying the journey and thankful and to have been able to meet so many good people.