Sirloin Tips in Ancho Chili Gravy with Chayote and Red Beans                   Avocado Salad

Quick seared beef sirloin cubes are combined with the perfect balance of sautéed onions, fire roasted tomatoes, aromatic herbs and spices, red beans and slightly crunchy chayote squash to make a savory rich ancho chili gravy.  A fresh avocado salad and warm flour tortillas round out the meal.

Ingredients:  avocado, celery, chayote squash, chili spice blend packet, cilantro, fire roasted tomatoes, garlic, lime, onion, red beans, tomato, tortillas, white mushrooms

Prep time + 35 minutes cooking time.

Special equipment:  microwave

Smoked Butter Basted Steak and Black Bean Succotash Stuffed Zucchini

Pan seared Akaushi sirloin is basted with rosemary and shallot infused smoked butter sauce.  Zucchini are briefly roasted to remove excess moisture then filled with summer veggies and cheese.  We’ll include enough chipotle to make it fiery hot but you can control the heat by add the amount that suits your taste.

Ingredients:  Akaushi sirloin, black beans, chipotle, corn, garlic, Monterrey Jack cheese, parsley, rosemary, shallot, smoked butter sauce, sweet peppers, tomato, zucchini

Prep time + 30 minutes cooking time

Turkey Stir-Fry with Tahini Sauce and Brown Rice Noodles